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Patents and Patent Search

Our patent searches are aimed at:

  • Patent attorneys
  • Staff from patent departments
  • Scientists and engineers involved in R&D
  • R&D management

For patent attorneys and staff from patent departments, we conduct novelty searches, freedom-to-operate searches, or invalidation searches within the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, and pharmacy. Additionally, we offer legally-based patent searches, for example on patent applicants, inventors, legal status, patent families, or patent citations.

R&D staff need information about patents in order to safeguard their R&D projects on a continuous basis. Patent searches help to avoid patent infringements or parallel developments and should therefore be conducted not only at the beginning of R&D projects but also throughout their duration. To make use of continuous reruns of your searches, you can order current awareness services from us.

Statistical analysis of patent data can be used for the strategic evaluation of enterprises or technologies. Patent analyses thereby become an important base for decision makers in the R & D management. Enterprises can be subject to a benchmarking of competitors , which is based on an evaluation of the quantity and quality of their patenting activity. The attractiveness of technologies can be evaluated and used to safeguard decisions on investments. Furthermore, the most active patent applicants or inventors within certain fields of technology can be determined.

WissInfo offers not only single searches but also current awareness services by means of which search results are updated at specified intervals.